[drupal-devel] Brochure Design

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Thu Jun 16 13:57:16 UTC 2005

> "Nice, but what does it DO?". Phrases like "establish online presence" 
> or "manage online activities" are a lot more vague than "build your 
> website". I participated in a student-organised website contest at my 

+1 for the wording "build websites" or "build dynamic websites"

> - Mentioning "friend of a friend" in such a prominent position at the 
> top seems wasteful: it is not a core feature and very few people are 
> familiar with it. Perhaps it should be "user identity" modules.

agree with Steven. Furthermore, the list sounds authoritative and 
complete and makes all of the features sound like blogging add-ons. 
Something like "enables the seamless combination of numerous features 
such as community blogging, forums, events managment and image galleries"

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