[drupal-devel] Brochure Design

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Thu Jun 16 14:37:19 UTC 2005

Sorry, I didn't finish this bit:

> - The "feature rich" section seems to mention Drupal's modularity as a 
> side-effect... in the last brochure this was a very important section 
> covering one full "flap". It illustrated effectively how many 
> features, which would be hardcoded and/or inflexible in a traditional 
> CMS, are removable and customizable in Drupal. Now it's more like 
> "yeah, you can turn stuff off if you don't like it, and modules have 
> something to do with it". This hardly describes what Drupal modules 
> are and the way they can hook into every aspect of the CMS and 
> integrate every feature with every other feature, or how most features 
> (like the profile module) are built as a flexible system rather than a 
> fixed set of functions. While underlying architecture is not directly 
> important for end-users, it is important for customizability and 
> flexibility. If you don't include a big "architecture" section, at the 
> very least you should

... explain in more detail what modules are and how they are used to 
build a Drupal site.


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