[drupal-devel] [bug] user uploads photo to profile -> getimagesize(): Read error! in /includes/image.inc on line 88

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Fri Jun 17 05:19:16 UTC 2005

On 16 Jun 2005, at 9:03 PM, mariagwyn wrote:

> Issue status update for http://drupal.org/node/24157
> Robin and Lennart,
> I was starting to not feel like such a newbie until I read the material
> on Diffs and Patches.  I am completely lost.  I don't use any sort of
> command line interface (though I wouldn't mind learning how), so the
> whole discussion went over my head.  I use ftp, dreamweaver, and web
> interface.
> Do you know of clear, steb-by-step instructions, that begin with a
> blank screen and take me through the whole patching process?  Do I need
> an extra piece of software?  Am I looking for some command line as a
> part of my cpanel?  I tried downloadind the patch and replacing code. 
> That was a disaster.

Hi Maria,

      I understand from a later post that you've figured out how to use 
that's great.  I hope that you were able to use some of the material
in the Drupal handbook on CVS


and on using Patch with Windows:


> Sorry to be difficult, but I have to get the error fixed or the site
> can't go live.  Any suggestions welcome.
> By the way, what is 'HEAD'?

CVS is difficult, partly because it wasn't well designed in some 
respects, but
mostly because the issues involved in tracking and keeping code 
are subtle.

     CVS tracks all of the changes that are made to whatever files it
manages - in our case, Drupal source code.  You can ask to see
the state of any file at any time in the history of the file.   Every 
and then it's convenient to be able to take a 'snapshot' of all of the
files at an instant in time.  We can ask CVS to do this by 'Tagging'
the files - this just assigns a 'tag' (symbolic name) to all files.
A typical case is when a new release is made - in that case the
tags would look like 'DRUPAL-4-5-3', for example.

     A special case of a symbolic tag is 'HEAD' - this is a kind of
magical tag that references the very latest version of all
files.  It's almost synonymous with 'the CVS version' (i.e.,
HEAD is the archetypical CVS version, but a particular
file labeled 'cvs' may be out of date w.r.t. HEAD)

     Your 'patch failed at hunk ###' message is likely caused
by patching against the wrong version of a file.

     Welcome to the world of CVS.   It's not so bad once
you get used to it #8)


> Thanks,
> Maria
> mariagwyn

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