[drupal-devel] warnings for bootstrap.inc and common.inc

Negyesi Karoly karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Mar 1 00:03:21 UTC 2005


drupal_unpack, line 489 $field is not used and as it has a default value, we 
can nicely delete it.


error_handler, line 379 the parameter $variables seems to be not used in 
this function

_fix_gpc_magic, line 392 $key is not used.

form_file, line 1354 $error is used but I have not seen where it is 
initialized. Maybe this should be $name?

These are produced by jEdit's PHPParser. It causes false warnings with 
references, but these three seems to be valid. I am not sure whether I 
shall fill a bug report or not, only the last one seems to be a real bug. 

Shall I continue with more files? 



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