[drupal-devel] adsense from google for drupal

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Tue Mar 1 09:26:32 UTC 2005

> > So for a generic account we might we
> > might have to setup a drupal foundation that wont have to pay taxes.
> > This was discussed some time ago on this list but I dont remember
> > the outcome of this. Anyone? (put response please in thread on site)

> Unfortunately, this has not been discussed in Antwerp. Should we set up
> an IRC meeting to discuss this further? I think the foundation should be
> EU-based. I cannot recommend Germany as a good place for something like
> this...

+1 for EU based foundation - the laws in Europe are generally very
friendly to non-for profit foundations (AFAIK)

I am not sure of the status and the legalities in UK but can do some
research on that.

What I suggest is let's take the facts in and decide 
on that basis - what will be the maintenance, administration involved,
taxes, benefits, ease of access, etc...

If anyone has experience running such a thing it's fine, but
it might take over somebody's life. Any volunteers ? :)


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