[drupal-devel] data caching

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 12:40:16 UTC 2005

That example uses Pear but what I was thinking is that rather than
interate through the module files and functions inaccordance with the db
controls. Instead create cached copies of the overriden modules if a
cached overriden copy is found then the original gets skipped over.

check for cached modules to invoke
invoke regular modules ( doubles can't happen because of checks already
in place)
if a regular module uses a overrideTocache(module/override.module) then
set it to cache.

When creating a module where this is needed then an override function in
 common.inc would be called to set the cached override in place.
Of course this is extra work for module developers in having to maintain
a second module but it is a lot better than nothing or having to hard
code changes that don't carry with version changes.

There is also the problem of the cached module not being set on first
iteration. But I think that is nominal.

Carl McDade

Negyesi Karoly wrote:
>> this is just notes code not real or perfect.
> No problem, I guess with that.
>> <?php
>> function module_invoke($module, $hook, $a1 = NULL, $a2 = NULL, $a3 =
>> NULL, $a4 = NULL) {
> Where do you see this code in HEAD? It's "long" gone <smirks>.
> In English words, you are proposing that the return value of functions 
> that 
> are invoked by module_invoke shall be recorded into the cache? (Still 
> don't 
> understand that extended part) I fail to see what good will you achive 
> by 
> this. Pages' cache are OK, and of the few functions that needs cache, 
> have 
> their own ways of cache.
> Regards
> NK

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