[drupal-devel] RE: drupal-devel Digest, Vol 26, Issue 144

Aldon Hynes ahynes1 at optonline.net
Wed Mar 2 14:12:39 UTC 2005

I just loaded the taxonomy_xml on a couple of my sites and despite a few
tweaks I suggested to Sheldon, I really like it.

As to Djun's comment about a repository for contributed taxonomies, I think
that is a great idea.  It does beg a question that has been going around
about what taxonomies do people have in common and want to share.

One of the key ones that I find I repeat over and over is a location
taxonomy.  Right now, http://www.bloggercorps.org has a nice location
taxonomy with several countries, and for the United States and Canada, it
breaks things down to the 50 states and the ten provinces.  Anyone who wants
to grab that taxonomy should feel free to take it from


If anyone wants to expand on that taxonomy, they should feel free to create
a userid there or login with their Drupal id, and drop me a note.  I'll give
you access to enhance the taxonomy.


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Sheldon, this is a great idea - much needed!  I was
thinking along the same lines and you've beaten me
to it.  I hope that this will help to further
amplify the taxonomy system - one of Drupal's
significant strengths.

    The availability of this feature suggests some
kind of repository for contributed taxonomies.
Any ideas around this?

    Thanks again!


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