[drupal-devel] How do I... node submit, resubmit, folksonomy

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Mar 2 15:28:41 UTC 2005

Alright. I'm working on a spec to take my homebrew NHPR.org CMS and turn 
it into a Drupal site. It'll be one of the more complicated Drupal sites 
I've ever worked on. I've got two related questions:

  * who was working on that folksonomy module? where is it?
  * can I, via a module, put up a page AFTER the node submit screen?

NHPR.org has about 5000+ taxonomy terms. And as much as I hate the 
flipping name, consider this a "folksonomy" that has been built over 4 
years. To minimize the duplication and similarity of names ("horse", 
"horses", and "horseriding"), I wrote some custom PHP code that:

  * checks all terms entered by a reporter AFTER the submit.
  * suggests terms that have a percentile of 75% match.
  * put up a checkbox list of "these terms may be better".
  * reporter optionally chooses new terms based on suggestions.
  * reporter resubmits the node, with the new terms.

Since the taxonomy is 5000+ terms, I can't depend on Drupal's selectbox. 
So, the game plan was to write up some sort of module (or flexinode field 
type) that was a simple textbox that accepted terms. These terms would be 
checked/associated/created with their existing vocabulary programmatically 
(via some sort of module backend or custom flexinode code).

My understanding, based on IRC snippets over the weeks, is that this is 
similar to someone's folksonomy module they were working on.

On top of the above, I need to "interrupt" the normal node submission 
process. After a reporter has filled out their node and clicked "Submit", 
I need to show a page of "suggested terms", along with a form of 
checkboxes. Modifying/submitting the checkboxes would resubmit the node.

Is there a hook to do this? What options do I have? Any code I write (most 
importantly, the "suggest new terms" formulas) will be submitted back to 
Drupal, naturally.

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