[drupal-devel] How do I... node submit, resubmit, folksonomy

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Mar 2 16:20:26 UTC 2005

> Yay for taxonomy!

Of course, they call 'em "keywords", because I'm not sure anyone there 
would really "grasp" the idea of a taxonomy or controlled vocab, and a 
"category" is too broad a term for their expectations.

For an example of how they use keywords (and this is all stuff I'd have to 
duplicate within Drupal somehow. whee! <g>), see the following URL. This 
is a complete story. No mention of keywords whatsoever:


The keywords, however, are being used to to generate the "Related stories" 
and "Related shows" boxes. And, in the lower right of that box, you can 
see "see more":


which then breaks down each individual keyword, with XML feeds, and the 
last ten or so stories published for each one. For this particular story, 
they've chosen some relatively sane keywords, but believe me, there's some 
wacky one-use-only stuff in there too.

>>  * checks all terms entered by a reporter AFTER the submit.
>>  * suggests terms that have a percentile of 75% match.
>>  * put up a checkbox list of "these terms may be better".
>>  * reporter optionally chooses new terms based on suggestions.
>>  * reporter resubmits the node, with the new terms.
> Cool, such an approach might make folksonomy actually usable. Did you
> think about using taxonomy synonyms for this?

That's a great idea! If a reporter enters "horseriding", and then chooses 
"horses" on the validate screen, the module code could automatically add 
"horseriding" as a synonym to "horses", and then (visually) autocorrect 
future "horseriding" entries to "horses". Nice. I like.

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