[drupal-devel] How do I... node submit, resubmit, folksonomy

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Mar 2 19:05:38 UTC 2005

>>  * checks all terms entered by a reporter AFTER the submit.
>>  * suggests terms that have a percentile of 75% match.
>>  * put up a checkbox list of "these terms may be better".
>>  * reporter optionally chooses new terms based on suggestions.
>>  * reporter resubmits the node, with the new terms.
> Cool, such an approach might make folksonomy actually usable. Did you

As an example of the current interface in the homebrew CMS, see:


Remember, this is an entirely optional step, and happens AFTER the user 
has already submitted their node with unchecked tags. If the user doesn't 
take any of these suggestions (as this particular user didn't - see the 
better suggestion for "death penalty"), then the node is still published.

This PHP code uses similar_text() and metaphone(), which killes has 
pointed out is English only. I'm not sure what'd we do to make it i18n. He 
also mentioned that the percentage printout was probably unfriendly for 
normal usability, and I'm fine with removing it (I think I probably left 
it in in the first place just to check out the formula).

I'm not sure how long lisppaste lasts, but you can see
the homebrew function that calculates the similarity here:


Thoughts on UI? Thoughts on i18n?

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