[drupal-devel] Search.module and minimum version of PHP

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Mon Mar 7 00:32:14 UTC 2005

>Does this only affect "search.module"?  ie, could a site use Drupal 4.6 on
>pre-PHP 4.3.3 if they disable the search module?  (I realize this isn't
>the point, I'm just wanting to understand...)

Yes, I am not aware of any problems with the current minimum PHP 
requirement (4.1.0?) other than search.module.

By the way I did some more testing, and it seems that the pre-4.3.3 
UTF-8 support was more broken than I thought: the only option is in fact 
a byte-based regular expression, as even using ISO-8859-1 characters is 
problematic with anything other than simple character matches. So it 
would be a solution where not only it is broken on anything 
non-western-european, but it would be very difficult to make this patch 
in the first place.


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