[drupal-devel] Search.module and minimum version of PHP

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Mar 7 01:06:51 UTC 2005

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, Steven Wittens wrote:

> >Does this only affect "search.module"?  ie, could a site use Drupal 4.6 on
> >pre-PHP 4.3.3 if they disable the search module?  (I realize this isn't
> >the point, I'm just wanting to understand...)
> Yes, I am not aware of any problems with the current minimum PHP
> requirement (4.1.0?) other than search.module.

I don't think there are any.

> By the way I did some more testing, and it seems that the pre-4.3.3
> UTF-8 support was more broken than I thought: the only option is in fact
> a byte-based regular expression, as even using ISO-8859-1 characters is
> problematic with anything other than simple character matches. So it
> would be a solution where not only it is broken on anything
> non-western-european, but it would be very difficult to make this patch
> in the first place.

The problem with PHP 4.1 is that it is still the standard for the stable
Debian release. This release is probably still used by a lot of webhosters
(and by myself). Do we want to take away the possibility to use the Drupal
search from all their clients? There is no backported .deb for PHP from a
reliable source.

I'd really like some "fix" to be included and executed for PHP versions
below 4.3.3, even if it only works for a limited set of character sets
(or nothing beyond iso-8859-1).


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