[drupal-devel] promote to frontpage: confusing.

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Mar 8 12:26:03 UTC 2005

> Okay, And there is no way of setting this as a boolean so that the flag
> function does not show when not using the default idea of what a
> frontpage should be?
> How about changing help the text? I don't think that this can be fixed
> with just a few words (title) since the user will have stepped out of
> the default flow. Usability calls for predicting the flow and setting
> the rules. Under this there is nothing that can be predicted so any text
> would be lacking because the user is too much in control.

The same problem comes up all the time. The user is too much in control, 
and this is good (from a point of view) :)

> What would happen if you grabbed the section name and put it in as
> "promote to %section as first item"?

node/12 is not a section, and it can a frontpage...


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