[drupal-devel] A Folksonomy module

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Tue Mar 8 21:22:32 UTC 2005

Last year there was a post here suggesting a "system" type of taxonomy 
vocabulary that would use the taxonomy tables but provide no user 

I've been looking at a similar idea to re-use the taxonomy module for a 
folksonomy. It looks to me like almost every function in taxonomy would 
have to be modified or replaced. And I don't think taxonomy would cope 
well with the target of 1000 tags in a folksonomy vocabulary.

So where I'm going now is to extend Moshe's folksonomy.module and 
progressively add cut, paste and modify versions of the taxo 
administrative function, to provide utility functions, but not to 
include any user interface. This to stay in what I think is Moshe's 
original intent which is to support other modules that provide 
innovative UI to the data.

Right now I've got 3 tables.
- folksonomy       // tag node links
- folksonomy_realm // corresponds to vocabulary
- folksonomy_realm_node_types // corresponds to vocabulary_node_types

In parallel, I'm working on a folktags.module that uses folksonomy and 
provides the UI.

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