Renew Taxo UI (was Re: [drupal-devel] A Folksonomy module)

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at
Wed Mar 9 10:36:02 UTC 2005


I have a client/site with a few Huge (yes, capital 'H'; and still growing) 
taxonomy tree. I need to fix the UI for this too. 

Maybe Chris Messina, I and others, can work out the agreements from the 
Useability sprint, and actually code something for this? I will first focus 
on getting the notes and agreements of tis sprint together & online, but in 
the mean time this taxo-interface issue can be launched. 

Because IMO the whole taxonomy admin is a UI problem. 
Chris, can you get back to me about this? Anyone else with some 
interface-ideas and some time, please volunteer?


Op woensdag 9 maart 2005 11:08, schreef Boris Mann:
> > This 1000 tag thing. I've found vocabularies with a tree of 100 tags a
> > bit awkward to use. The Admin vocab overview gets very long and the few
> > places where you have all tags for a vocab in a combo box will also get
> > awkward to use.
> This sounds like something that UI can overcome. I agree with the
> Admin vocab overview length issue, but if you use system vocabs, the
> folksonomy could have it's own admin display for this.
> Tag-per-line or comma-separated tags would be the preferred input,
> would they not? so I don't see the terms every necessarily being
> displayed in a combo box.
> I think that aiming to be able to implement folksonomies with our
> existing taxonomy system is a good thing to strive for, even if it
> means code changes to taxo.module to encompass this use.
> Now all we need to do is have aggregator create feed_item nodes, add a
> little publish/subscribe/workflow magic to delete/update them, and we
> can replace the strange "categories" used there with taxonomy as
> well... (let me dream, OK?)
> Hmm. And if profiles were nodes, you could "tag" users by tagging
> their associated profile(s).
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> Boris Mann
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