[drupal-devel] caching issues

Mark Howell mark at nullcraft.org
Wed Mar 9 21:37:46 UTC 2005

> And lets not forget the point of this thread - improved caching - which
>  has the pleasant side effect of keeping your site running smoothly
> under  a hailstorm of spam-bot posts.
> I would love to see an optional file-cache system for blogging or
> brochureware sites that use Drupal. And in a perfect world improved
> traditional drupal caching for community features (like forums) and
> file-based caching for mainly static modules like books or plain pages
> (those with low volume comments).
> Or in other words a configuration option to choose the caching
> mechanism  based on the node type.  (I can hear Bèr grumbling already

Just curious, has the topic of using shared memory been brought up?  I've
used shmop functionality to store large data trees which were imported
from XML.  Parsing the XML doc would take 500-800ms, but unserializing a
large object from shared mem took like 6-7ms. This was for a drupal 4.2
module, but I would imagine the code could easily be adapted.
I realize that shmop is not available on all platforms, but probably most
server-grade environments would/should support it.


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