[drupal-devel] Schema Changes for a Shared Taxonomy OTF/Folksonomy

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Mar 10 12:07:16 UTC 2005

I slept on this. I'm wondering if the following change:

>  * The first would be "term_data". It would include a new "uid"
>    field which would be the uid of the user who created the term.
>    In vocabularies that were not folksonomies, uid would be 0.

is even necessary. Is it important to keep track of who created a tid?

  * in non-folksonomy cases, typically only admins control the creation
    of tids. generally speaking, there are never "more than enough
    admins" to cause confusion over who created a term - an inquiring
    admin can just ask around and find out the culprit.

  * knowing who created a tid (folksonomy or not) seems only important
    when it becomes a negative issue: someone made "dumbshit" and you
    want to know who to yell at. here, you'd have to assume:

      * other users would find no use for "dumbshit", reducing it's use
        so that the number of uids using the tid (via term_node, see
        previous email) would be small enough to ask around "manually".

      * if "dumbshit" is a bad tag, /any/ uid using it is at fault -
        it's less of an issue of who created the bad tag, and who
        is actually /using/ the bad tag.

Thoughts? These questions apply to all the folksonomy implementations.

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