[drupal-devel] Schema Changes for a Shared Taxonomy OTF/Folksonomy

Ross Kendall drupal at rosskendall.com
Thu Mar 10 12:55:53 UTC 2005

Morbus Iff wrote:

> I slept on this. I'm wondering if the following change:
>>  * The first would be "term_data". It would include a new "uid"
>>    field which would be the uid of the user who created the term.
>>    In vocabularies that were not folksonomies, uid would be 0.
> is even necessary. Is it important to keep track of who created a tid?
>  * in non-folksonomy cases, typically only admins control the creation
>    of tids. generally speaking, there are never "more than enough
>    admins" to cause confusion over who created a term - an inquiring
>    admin can just ask around and find out the culprit.
>  * knowing who created a tid (folksonomy or not) seems only important
>    when it becomes a negative issue: someone made "dumbshit" and you
>    want to know who to yell at. here, you'd have to assume:
>      * other users would find no use for "dumbshit", reducing it's use
>        so that the number of uids using the tid (via term_node, see
>        previous email) would be small enough to ask around "manually".
>      * if "dumbshit" is a bad tag, /any/ uid using it is at fault -
>        it's less of an issue of who created the bad tag, and who
>        is actually /using/ the bad tag.
> Thoughts? These questions apply to all the folksonomy implementations.
I agree with this post completely.

I don't imagine that del.icio.us records who created each term, just 
who's using which term for what content.

The whole thing with a Folksonomy is that it's not 'controlled', good 
terms float to the top because of popularity.  I don't think it's a 
great idea to mix 'controlled' vocabularies with 'uncontrolled' ones, as 
they are completely different approaches to organising content.  If it's 
possible to get them working along side each other then great.

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