[drupal-devel] Schema Changes for a Shared Taxonomy OTF/Folksonomy

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sun Mar 13 16:17:54 UTC 2005

> - What should happen to terms that are no longer used anywhere? Should 
>   there be automatic garbage collection or perhaps Admin pruning?

The same question could be asked of a normal taxonomy, in which case the 
answer would be "absolutely nothing." Deleting a term would also delete 
it's URL, and I'd much rather serve a "there is currently no content 
tagged with this term" than a 404.

You establish:

> - There's a fundamental difference doing folksonomy within Drupal from 
> del.icio.us. Probably, only the author (and admins) can apply terms to a 

And then suggest:

> There's a potential issue here with "tag spam". A malicious user might 
> tag a node with all the most popular terms. That node will then appear 

While I certainly don't want to suggest this discussion is irrelevant, I 
think it's fair to say that every node of a Drupal site has a much 
better chance of being viewed by some sort of admin than an open-ended 
system like delicious. I think the biggest problem with "tag spam" and a 
Drupal site would be if we allowed commenters to insert tags - ignoring 
that, it's a safe bet that tag spam in a community-oriented site like 
Drupal (as opposed to, IMO, a service-oriented site like delicious) 
would be more easily seen and addressed.

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