[drupal-devel] files folder error

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Mar 15 13:39:43 UTC 2005

> With other words, you wanted to mention that thi should be inside the 

If anything be done about it, an empty files/ folder should be included 
with the installation itself. At the very least, it'll reduce the steps 
a bit. Currently, we've got:

  a) go to admin pages.
  b) read warning. curse.
  c) create files/.
  d) refresh admin page.
  e) wtf, dude?!
  f) change permission

Adding it to the install, we have:

  a) read INSTALL. curse.
  b) create files/.
  c) go to admin page.
  d) wtf, dude?!
  e) change permission

By shipping an empty files/, we get:

  a) go to admin pages.
  b) read permissions warning. curse.
  c) change permission

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