[drupal-devel] files folder error

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Mar 15 14:13:19 UTC 2005

>> By shipping an empty files/, we get:
>>  a) go to admin pages.
>>  b) read permissions warning. curse.
>>  c) change permission
> You can even skip that curse by pointing out in the install file that 
> they need to change the permissions.  This was my 3rd and smoothest 
> drupal install yet, so it particularly annoyed me.  ;p  There should be 
> no warnings like that out of the box.
> I think the reason that they don't give a default files directory is 
> perhaps safety...  technically, the way it is now, you can put files 
> wherever you want.  It may not be desirable to have everyone put it in 
> the same place.  Even so, it seems to be required, so it should be in 
> the install text.  :)

The reason why there is no empty files dir IMHO is that some 
compression/decompression utils tend to remove empty folders on archive 
creation/extraction. So having an empty files folder given these tools 
will not help users, but would add a point to the confusion stream:

  a) go to admin pages
  b) read warning. curse.
  c) find files folder in archive, wonder why it is not extracted
  d) create files/.
  e) refresh admin page.
  f) wtf, dude?!
  g) change permission


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