[drupal-devel] Core Folksonomy: First Code Available

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Wed Mar 16 05:16:39 UTC 2005

Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> Tue, 15 Mar 2005 18:35:03
> * To ensure that the right community defined terms are added to the
>   right folksonomy (thus ensuring multiple folksonomies on one
>   site could remain independent, much like normal taxos [normal
>   taxos use the unique tid so knowing the vid isn't important]),
>   the vid is included in the node form:
>    edit[taxonomy][vid][2]
>    (note: "vid" will change to "community")

I solved this with a field name of
edit[folksonomy][2 where 2 is the vocab for this edit field
and then converting the comma delimited string to an array of tids 
during nodeapi('update') creating new tids as necessary.

I had a corresponding folksonomy_form_all() which paralleled 
taxonomy_form_all and created as many fields as there were folksonomy 
vocabs defined for this node type.

>Thus, you'd be able to create tiers of folksy users: all users can 
>create nodes but group A can create new terms and group B can't. The 
>downside of this is that the next "obvious" step would be to have a new 
>permission PER community-created taxonomy: group A can create new terms 
>in 'Folksonomy Tags', group B can create new terms in both 'Folksonomy 
>Tags' and 'Another Example'. I can certainly see that being useful:

I definitely thought that anyone with edit rights for the node would 
have add term rights to the vocabs. Maybe it does need the additional 
control you're talking about.

So given that we're developing very similar code in parallel, how do we 
work closer together? This isn't a problem while we're all experimenting 
and still trying to clarify the approach.

There's another recent post in this forum where I've pointed to game 

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