[drupal-devel] release schedule (was: CivicSpace development moving to Drupal)

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Wed Mar 16 08:46:33 UTC 2005

On 16 Mar 2005, at 06:14, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> - We want to know when 4.6.0 final will be released. Yeah, I know, it 
>> is
>>   ready when it is ready and review issues and test it to make it go
>>   faster.
> Well, the 15th has passed. Dries got his new laptop so the cvs commit
> rate should increase again. I am not sure a 1st of April release is a
> good idea, though.

Bear with me as I get everything installed on my new laptop.  Switching 
from Linux to Mac is quite a change.  Next on my TODO list are 
installing PHP5, MySQL and Apache.  I should have everything up and 
running in a day or two.

Note that I'll be away from the keyboard from March 25 to April 2 so an 
April 1st release is not an option. I think I prefer to be around when 
Drupal 4.6 is released so I'd like to release the first week of April.  
Regardless, last minute improvements should go in before March 25.  
During my absence there won't be many commits (if any), and upon my 
return I will only consider critical bug fixes.  If everything works 
out, that is.  :)

Only a handful of contributions have been branched, so that leaves the 
maintainers some extra time to get their code working with Drupal 4.6.

It is time to move on, to open up CVS for fresh development, and to 
embrace the CivicSpace initiative.

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