[drupal-devel] Core Folksonomy: First Code Available

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Mar 16 14:45:45 UTC 2005

> A related question. Is it feasible to implement folksonomies not shy of
> hierarchies - since your code uses the core taxonomy, at least in theory
> it should be possible to do that in a module, but I'm not sure of the
> folksonomy implementation. What I'm after is to be able to improve the
> 'similarity' measure based on partial taxonomy paths. But for
> folksonomies, or soicial classification, it could be a nice future

Well, the current patch "technically" supports your request, but not from 
a community-created viewpoint. If you've got 1000 terms that people have 
submitted, you'd be able to go in (with "administer taxonomy" permissions) 
and manually assign the terms hierarchy and relations and synonyms. All 
that stuff would work as a normal taxonomy would.

The big problem is the whole "community defined" part. Say one person 
added "Cat, Animal, Dog, Video". Your taxonomy would have four flat tags. 
For you, as the administrator, it'd be easy as pie to make "Cat" and "Dog" 
a child of "Animal". And the next time someone types in "Cat" or "Dog", 
the code will properly assign the node to "Cat" or "Dog", now children of 
the "Animal" term.

But, what if you also have a "Cartoon Characters" parent? There's a 
cartoon called "Cat and Dog" (seriously), where the characters are called, 
well, "Cat" and "Dog". So, if someone types in "Cat" and "Dog", there is 
now no indication of WHICH parent ("Animal" or "Cartoon Characters") the 
node should belong to. The current code will randomly pick one.

I guess the only solution would be to support an ASCII-ish hierarchy, such 
that "Animal > Cat, Cartoon Characters > Dog, Video" could be entered and 
understood, but the database lookups and code to do so would be (at first 
glance) prohibitive, so it's something I'd throw on the faaar back burner.

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