[drupal-devel] ann: any node can be blog : remove type "blog".

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Mar 18 13:11:39 UTC 2005

Hi all.

I rewrote blog.module to become a container, something like book outlines. In 
these files, there no longer is a blog type node.
With a checkbox (see screenshot) users with the correct permissions can add 
any node to their blog. Feel free to try, also feel free to improve these 
files, just mail me if you commit changes. 

Some notes, and maybe todos:
I decided to remove the "blog this" funtionality completely. If we do blogs 
like this any-node-idea, the blog this should be handled by either 
node_aggregegator, or by a simpler feed_to_node.module. 

I have been thinking of a nicer way to track the nids that are in a blog. Now 
I introduce a new table with only one column! That is not very nice IMO, so 
if anyone knows better options, please let me know. FWIW: if CCK hits core, 
this problem will be solved, I guess. 

If a sql Guru would be so friendly to look at my LEFT JOINS and other queries, 
that would be great. They are as good as i can get them, but I figure someone 
with more knowledge in this might be able to improve the queries a little.

I tried not to introduce any new functionality, nor remove any (unless for the 
blog this). The module is about as big as it was (~2 more or less), and will 
perform the same, afaiks. But benchmarks are welcome, I do not know how to do 

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