[drupal-devel] Page layout workflow mockup

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sun Mar 20 23:04:00 UTC 2005


Can we not get a common Drupal-Image repository (site) somwhere? I find Flickr 
very annoying, with its Flash that makes my browser crash somethimes, and its 
odd login systems. 
No, I do use it sometimes, but am no fan of it at all. 
An was it not about eating own dogfood?

But in the meantime: Chris, why can't you just use attachments to issues on 


Op zondag 20 maart 2005 23:06, schreef Chris Messina:
> I've finally converted my original notebook drawings into a graphical
> workflow for review.
> You can download the full version here (30K):
> http://photos4.flickr.com/6944826_90af237c99_o.png
> and then add comments to its Flickr page:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/factoryjoe/6944826/in/pool-drupal/
> Note that the functionality I'm looking to create would allow you to
> layout out individual pages, which could double as section homepages
> or a site's homepage. Additionally, just about everything we need to
> put this together exists today; I've just organized it in such a way
> that I think is fairly simple to generate good results with minimal
> effort.
> Hopefully the various layout module efforts going on right now could
> benefit from my suggested 3 step approach.
> Chris
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