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> Hi,
> I have been evaluated CMS's for the past couple weeks.  Everything
> from simple php based systems and exponent on to java based servlet
> engines and then to midgard.  Your cms kicks ass.
> I am planning on using this system for a computer science department
> website so my two biggest criteria were friendly URLS and caching.  I
> love how simple it is to use.  Even though I have a couple degrees in
> comp sci I can not guarentee who will be maintaining the website next
> so simple is good.  You wouldn't believe how unintuitive it is to add
> a page in many CMS's.
> Furthermore, your Debian maintainer deserves a raise or at least a
> cake.  The Debian package was well put together performing all the
> major configuration automagically.  All I needed to do was opint my
> webbrowser at localhost/drupal (the url should be given somewhere, it
> took me a few minutes to find out what I had to do after the install,
> wasn't sure if I need to do more config or not).
> This is my opinion from 5 minutes of use.
> Cheers,
> Vince
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