[drupal-devel] install text upgrading section in the wrong order?

Anisa mystavash at animecards.org
Fri Mar 25 16:13:00 UTC 2005

Oops.  Thank you for letting me know.  I will try to keep these things 
on the doc list, promise.  :)

Can you put the reason in?  Or maybe, big letters, *essential*, because 
it sounds fairly so.  All of the steps are essential of course, but that 
one is a little counter intuitive, I don't know why I'm doing it.  Does 
this not work if you have cookies disabled?


Morbus Iff wrote:

>> 2. Log on as the user with user ID 1.
>> 3. Remove all the old Drupal files then unpack the new Drupal files
>>   into the directory that you run Drupal from.
> If you're talking about those two, no. The intent of #2 is to make 
> sure you have a cookie/session of an admin user, which is required to 
> run the final step, update.php.

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