[drupal-devel] propstar.module is no longer?

grohk grohk at code0range.net
Fri Mar 25 18:59:05 UTC 2005

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Morbus Iff wrote:
|> | Thanks for the upload! Unfortunately, I think legally the only way I'd
|> | be able to work on his code (as opposed to rewriting) would be if he
|> | released a new zip with the GPL statement in it, or otherwise, publicly
|> | (on a Drupal node, in the CVS) proclaimed its new licensing. I'm not
|> | sure how willing he is to do that, now that he's not using Drupal.

So, I contacted Matt and he has agreed to release his code under the GPL
as long as he gets credited for parts of the original code in the source
header, which AFAIK is perfectly acceptable and compatible with the GPL.

I have posted a snippet of our email conversation and the latest module
~ itself with the LICENSE.txt included over at my personal website:


I still would like to explore the possibility of merging this code into
Node Moderation as an optional running mode, since I like the star based
ratings ui for some of my websites.  Also, I remember having issues with
the module when trying to display multiple node types on the front page.

Anyway, we got permission to use the code, so discussion can commence.
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