[drupal-devel] propstar.module is no longer?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Fri Mar 25 19:08:40 UTC 2005

> So, I contacted Matt and he has agreed to release his code under the GPL
> as long as he gets credited for parts of the original code in the source
> header, which AFAIK is perfectly acceptable and compatible with the GPL.


> I still would like to explore the possibility of merging this code into
> Node Moderation as an optional running mode, since I like the star based
> ratings ui for some of my websites.  Also, I remember having issues with
> the module when trying to display multiple node types on the front page.

I've been chatting about it with #drupal. There are two notes:

  * JonBob thinks it'll be easy as pie to hook the following UI:
    http://factorycity.net/demos/drupal/rating/ up to remote calls
    in javascript (such that the user can vote, but without requiring
    a page reload or an IFRAME).

  * actions.module, which I've not looked at but sounds interesting,
    has been proposed to implement your Node Moderation. With it, you'd
    be able to define two (new) actions to happen when a node reaches
    X amount of (average) stars.

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