[drupal-devel] [feature] Link to node on comment edit page

kps drupal-devel at drupal.org
Sat Mar 26 18:15:35 UTC 2005

Issue status update for http://drupal.org/node/11782

 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      cvs
 Component:    comment.module
 Category:     feature requests
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  kps
 Updated by:   kps
-Status:       active
+Status:       patch
 Attachment:   http://drupal.org/files/issues/comment-admin-show-node.patch (579 bytes)

Interesting! The patch wasn't in HTML when I uploaded it, and the stated
size (579 bytes) matches the size of the plain text file, not the size
of the HTML. I'll try again....


Previous comments:

October 20, 2004 - 15:31 : kps

Attachment: http://drupal.org/files/issues/comment.module.patch (579 bytes)

We have had users manage to post their comments on the wrong nodes, and
when reviewing a newly submitted comment via
admin/comment/list/approval, there seems to be no practical way to tell
which node the comment belongs to. The attached patch adds a link to the
node on the comment edit page.


March 13, 2005 - 19:06 : killes at www.drop.org

The patch is in html.

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