[drupal-devel] Module is ready for beta release, project created...what now?

Scott Courtney scott at 4th.com
Mon Mar 28 04:03:35 UTC 2005

Good evening!

I've had a rather productive couple of days this weekend, and a lot of Drupal-
related fun. :-) In addition to contributing several bug-fix patches to other
people's modules, I've taken some code that I originally wrote as standalone
PHP for one of my web sites long before I ever heard of Drupal, and have turned
it into a full-blown Drupal module compatible with version 4.5 and 4.6 (HEAD).
It has fairly extensive documentation, both within the module and as an external
set of text files (README.txt, INSTALL.txt, CHANGELOG.txt, TODO.txt).

There is one known bug (a very minor one) in the module, but essentially it's
feature-complete and ready for a public release. Currently the code is in my
sandbox directory (my drupal.org username is "syscrusher"). I have updated the
documentation, cleaned the code up to Drupal readability standards (or at
least reasonably close), and have created a project on drupal.org.

So....what do I do next? Is there a point at which I need to move this code
from /contributions/sandbox/syscrusher/hof/ to /contributions/modules/hof/ ?
And do I need to be tagging it with DRUPAL-4_5 or DRUPAL-4_6? If so, when do
I do that? Is there someone I should notify that I'm ready to release this
thing, or is that taken care of automatically by the fact that I created a
project? What's the right CVS procedure to mark one code version for *both*
Drupal versions, since it works without changes in each?

Also, one other really silly question: When I asked for my CVS account, I
chose the name "syscrusher" to match a Drupal login name that I picked on a
whim. It occurs to me that if I'm going to be doing this much development, it
may not be intuituve that "syscrusher" in CVS is "scott at 4th.com" on the
email list. Should I be looking at changing my CVS account over to something
like "scott_courtney" or something like that? If so, whom do I contact to
request the change? (I know how to change my Drupal login name, of course.)

Please pardon if these are dumb questions, and thanks for any advice.

Now I move onto the "walkah" image.module enhancements and the new weblinks
bundle. It's going to be a fun coding week. :-)


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