[drupal-devel] Module is ready for beta release, project created...what now?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Mar 28 10:04:07 UTC 2005


> There is one known bug (a very minor one) in the module, but essentially it's
> feature-complete and ready for a public release. Currently the code is in my
> sandbox directory (my drupal.org username is "syscrusher"). I have updated the
> documentation, cleaned the code up to Drupal readability standards (or at
> least reasonably close), and have created a project on drupal.org.
> So....what do I do next? Is there a point at which I need to move this code
> from /contributions/sandbox/syscrusher/hof/ to /contributions/modules/hof/ ?

You say it is ready for public release. If a module is ready for public 
release, it is better to keep it in the modules folder. It is your 
choice, you know your module.

> And do I need to be tagging it with DRUPAL-4_5 or DRUPAL-4_6? If so, when do
> I do that? Is there someone I should notify that I'm ready to release this
> thing, or is that taken care of automatically by the fact that I created a
> project? What's the right CVS procedure to mark one code version for *both*
> Drupal versions, since it works without changes in each?

You add your module to CVS HEAD (that is probably your CVS checkout 
version), and then you can mark it for 4.5 and 4.6, if you know it is 
compatible with both versions. The release process if fully automated, 
it only depends on you marking your module as being compatible with a 
Drupal version. See the FAQ in the contrib folder for info on how this 
marking is done.

> Also, one other really silly question: When I asked for my CVS account, I
> chose the name "syscrusher" to match a Drupal login name that I picked on a
> whim. It occurs to me that if I'm going to be doing this much development, it
> may not be intuituve that "syscrusher" in CVS is "scott at 4th.com" on the
> email list. Should I be looking at changing my CVS account over to something
> like "scott_courtney" or something like that? If so, whom do I contact to
> request the change? (I know how to change my Drupal login name, of course.)

Drupal.org tries to keep cvs user names and site names in connection, so 
it will be possible to get your real name from there, in case you 
provide your real name in your profile. Also you do this in the README 
of your module, right?


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