[drupal-devel] hi, etc

Adrian Rossouw adrian at daemon.co.za
Tue Mar 29 13:53:19 UTC 2005

On 29 Mar 2005, at 12:02 AM, Daniel Convissor wrote:
> I'm new to Drupal, but have long involvement in the PHP community.  For
> instance, I'm the lead maintainer of PEAR's DB package and am involved
> with the PEAR documentation and website teams.
I hope you won't be too displeased with the fact that we've deprecated 
our PEAR db
support (which was only being used for postgres). I just found it was 
easier and
simpler maintaining the postgres port when not requiring external 
libraries that
needed to be installed and managed.

Drupal aims to have as few dependencies as possible, and it will take a 
lot of
convincing the get Drupal dependent on any PEAR packages =).

> One more thing I would like to do is make multi-site installations 
> easier
> by providing scripts for performing the table name prefix 
> substitutions.
The new install system being prepared for 4.7 will handle this 
automagically for the user,
but patches for the time being would be very welcome.

> As I move forward with helping this client, I'm sure I'll come across 
> more
> ways to improve Drupal.  To these ends, I'm interested in obtaining the
> ability to make commits to the repository, please.
Cool. Good to have you on board.

Adrian Rossouw
Drupal developer and Bryght Guy
http://drupal.org | http://bryght.com

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