[drupal-devel] phptemplate in core?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sun May 1 15:58:48 UTC 2005

> - What PHPTemplate-based theme should we ship with core?  Should we port 
> either Bluemarine or Pushbutton to PHPTemplate or should we go with 
> fresh themes?  My requirements for such theme would be:
>   1. The theme must validate as XHTML.
>   2. The theme's CSS classes/IDs must comply Drupal's naming conventions.
>   3. The theme should work on all browsers without hacks.
>   4. The theme should be simple and easy to customize.  No themes with a 
> bazillion of small images that no one will ever change.

Marvin2k for phptemplate might be a candidate since it is already done 
(it might need a polish though). It was directly ported from a custom 
theme format which was used by the original Marvin2k theme. Info from 
the original theme:

| An update to the original marvin theme, using the latest
| web standards.
| A complete update to the original marvin theme, marvin_2k
| provides many new features. Some of the features include a
| new tableless, CSS based design which takes advantage of
| the latest web standards.

I am in no doubt that someone will be able to do an aestetically better 
theme, if given some time. I am just here to point out that this is 
there as an option.


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