[drupal-devel] primary/secondary links as menu blocks

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Mon May 2 09:08:33 UTC 2005

>>> I second this request. I am using some hack to achieve this for over 
>>> a
>>> year now and don't want to miss it.
>> This has been discussed at length, and if I remembered correctly,
>> JonBob outlined the required menu system changes in a post (whose URL 
>> I
>> can't find).
> I might be missing something, but I didn't make any changes to the menu
> system. The only thing I changed was the way the theme puts out the
> primary links block I use as top navigation.

(Gerhard: where did I say you made changes to the menu system?)

I'd like to get JonBob's input on this.  After all, he is the official 
maintainer of the menu system (see MAINTAINERs.txt).  If JonBob thinks 
we should integrate Ber's module into menu.inc/menu.module, than I'm OK 
with it.  Ideally, such a patch would be "JonBob Approved" or would 
come directly from him.

Drupal's callback mechanism (_menu() hook) is killer, but the menu and 
link administration (GUI-part) has been a sore points for long enough 
now.  It is time for the menu system to evolve a bit.


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