[drupal-devel] PHPTemplate hits core ... finally

Marcus Rueckert darix at web.de
Thu May 5 21:21:33 UTC 2005

On 2005-05-06 07:12:03 +1000, Gordon Heydon wrote:
> >SVN can give you both. centralized repository combined with the power
> >of distributed development. how?
> >svk.
> >as mentioned by chris later in the thread.
> >i currently work on a howto about using svk for drupal development.
> >i hope i can finish it in the next days to show it here.
> >even without svk i think svn would be worth the move.
> >atomic commits. versioned directories. easy tagging, many operations
> >work offline. much friendly UI. ...
> >hope this helps
> >darix
> >
> > 
> >
> It is not a distributed SVM, it is a centralised and requires access to 
> the server to commit any changes.

thats not true. any developer can network his svk repository. so
developers can merge changes from each other.
the easiest way to do so:

$ svnserve -d -r $HOME/.svk/local

and people can use the local branch.


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