[drupal-devel] Community density

K B kbahey at gmail.com
Fri May 6 13:54:23 UTC 2005

I agree with the last two comments:

This does not give the full picture. It just measures who creates more
nodes than others.

If you measure it by comments you will get a different picture (those
who help in the forums for example). If you measure it by node type
(e.g. project) then it will measure who created the most projects, if
you measure by cvs commits, you get another, yet core commits are by
only a few, so those contributing core patches do not get credited,

This is just one metric after all. Interesting though.

On 5/6/05, Syscrusher <scott at 4th.com> wrote:
> On Friday 06 May 2005 07:06, Kobus Myburgh wrote:
> > Interesting statistics indeed, however, there are some things that you
> > do not consider. Me, and many others, for example, moderate nodes
> > often and fixes spelling mistakes and so on. Some of us, like me,
> > have a whole translation of Drupal Core under our belts, but haven't
> > a single node posted on the Drupal site.
> Or what about developers who work almost exclusively -- but a *lot* on a
> single module, or just one or two? They may not post that many nodes, but
> they may contribute hundreds of CVS updates per year.
> The statistics are still useful -- it's just that they (like any other
> statistics) need to be carefully considered in context and not viewed as
> gospel. :-)
> Scott
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