[drupal-devel] Results of the documentation usability survey and experiment

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Mon May 9 23:13:16 UTC 2005

Results of the survey:

Users of documentation:
-69% site admins
-46% site users

Situation when using documentation:
-Troubleshooting a problem- 54%
-Administering a Drupal application -52%
-Administering Drupal-49%
-Learn about Drupal-48%

Documentation needs
-Drupal application documentation-71%
-Drupal administration documentation -65%
-An answer to your problem-58%

Decision criteria for using the documentation again
-Read the documentation-68%
-Found answer to problem last time-59%

Usability experiment: card sorting
The first red cluster is the About Drupal handbook
The first blue cluster is the Installation and upgrading handbook
The next red cluster is the Configuration and customization handbook
The last blue cluster is the Developing for Drupal handbook

The results indicate that we can meet the diverse documentation needs  
with the handbooks we have selected.   We will use the results to  
help design the subsections in the book so that they are easy to find.

Actions by the docs team
-Creating a documentation block which meets your situation, needs,  
and decision criteria when using the documentation.
-Created handbooks and have begun transferring content.  http:// 
-Created configuration and customization handbook pages for 60  
applications(modules) including core.  http://drupal.org/handbook/config
-Recruiting volunteers for an application documentation sprint to  
ensure basic documentation and links are available for 60 modules.   
See follow up email.

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