[drupal-devel] Application documentation sprint - 30 minutes of your time to make Drupal more usable

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Tue May 10 00:00:54 UTC 2005

     we are doing an application documentation sprint.   The recent  
documentation survey indicated that 71% of respondents needed  
application documentation.   A quick review of the documentation  
available in 60 of the core and contributed applications revealed the  

23 out of 60 applications did not have an administration interface.  
(12/31 core)
27 out of 60 applications did not have administration help  
documentation.  (14/31 core)

There were few direct links from administration help documentation to  
the relevant handbook pages.
There were no links from the administration help documentation to the  
application administration interfaces.

How you can help improve the usability and documentation.
We need volunteers to research and write one or two paragraphs on how  
to use each of the 60 modules.   We have researched all the links to  
application administration interfaces and application help  
documentation so you do not have to.   In many cases we have also  
linked directly to the package for applications which may include  
valuable information in install, readme, and upgrade documentation.   
We have also set up a test site where you can work with an  
application to help write documentation for it.   We have created  
customization and configuration handbook pages for each of the 60  
applications and provided you with those links.

We will work with the docs team to review your paragraphs for  
documentation style and consistency.   We also work with developers  
to get them to accept documentation patches to their applications, so  
you don't have to learn CVS or argue with developers.   If there is  
existing documentation we will work with the docs team to move it to  
the handbook where appropriate.

Drupal core applications and wiki page with reference links: http:// 
Drupal contributed applications and wiki page with reference links:   

If you are interested in helping please contact me to volunteer.    
With thirty minutes of your time you can quickly research and write a  
few sentences to describe an application and provide useful links.   
Zack Rosen, Andrew Hoppin, and I will be working on this full-time  


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