[drupal-devel] Cleaner Directory structure

vlado vlado at dikini.net
Fri May 13 07:23:23 UTC 2005

> > My understanding was that the Drupal core CVS repository would have
> > everything under /public_html, and that the Drupal core tarball would
> > have the same (this is how it is now). Why would you want to change
> > this? Doing so would only confuse people.
> Agreed. If we go ahead with this, the directory structure in CVS should 
> match the structure in the tarball.  If not, we're asking for trouble, 
> and it is a nightmare for people using CVS to maintain/update their 
> sites.
My suggestion would be to keep the core directory structure as is for
all of the above reasons and to provide flexibility for different
packagers. Changing the CVS layout will cause a lot of trouble most
notably history loss.

The real solution for ease of installation and maintenance will,
hopefully, come with the installer Adrian is working on. He said it is
his priority to make its appearance as soon as possible.

With him we are working together on modules, themes and theme-engines
(package) dependencies, and ways to package and manage those. A solution
like that allowing your preferred directory layout will meet the
'cleaner directory structure' goals. In the end cleaner depends on the
context of installation - shared hosting, hosting provider like Bryght,
dedicated services similar to what I run in house, local policies ...

Over the weekend I can prepare a patch for my earlier suggestion. It
doesn't solve all issues, but at least it goes some way towards allowing
a more flexible layout. Maybe we could prepare a couple of scripts to
modify the directory structure to some of the usage scenarios. I
wouldn't like to modify something which works and has it's merits for a
simple but not all encompassing convenience.

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