[drupal-devel] A little about my morning. - Rant on Documentation

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri May 13 08:09:00 UTC 2005


There /must/ have been some good reason for not including the contribs in the 
docs. Anyone?

However, I cant agree more: we need contribs in drupaldocs as well. Only then 
can we start ranting and screaming at contrib authors that did not provide 
proper docs. We can do that now, but its kinda unfair, since there is no real 
place to do so.

Also: I think we must really draw a very clear line between user documentation 
and developer documentation. Historically these two groups where the same 
persons in the Drupal comm. But AFAIK this has changed: thus developers and 
users are two separate gruops now. Users should never have to see information 
about the theme system etc, while developers should be easily able to avoid 
docs about what taxonomy is. I am not saying that this is not the case atm, 
just that it still is a little unclear here and there. Allthough it already 
has impressively improved lately! Bryghts documentation is a very good 
example of the user docs IMO.


Op vrijdag 13 mei 2005 07:49, schreef puregin:
> +1 from me on having contributed modules  phpdoc'd on
> drupaldoc.org also.    If it's good to have phpdocs for core modules,
> then the same benefits accrue from having the same for
> contributed modules.
> One thing that concerns me is how documentation is currently
> spread out over several different sources.  It would be nice
> to pull everything together on one site.  If properly designed,
> such a site could serve the needs of all documentation
> users - administrators, developers, users, ...
>      Was there not a suggestion to establish docs.drupal.org
> for this purpose?
>      Djun
> On 12 May 2005, at 10:13 PM, Kent Livingston wrote:
> > Just attempted to install taxonomy access module.
> >
> > Couldn't agree more.
> >
> >
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> > Hello,
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> > Thanks for the pointer, but being a developer the biggest beef I have
> > is the
> > fact the the drupaldoc.org doesn't extend over the contrib modules as
> > well.
> >
> > Gordon
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