[drupal-devel] Cleaner Directory structure

K B kbahey at gmail.com
Sun May 15 17:26:42 UTC 2005

As long as it is part of 4.7, then I think there is no need urgent
need for my solution.

I assume that your installer will eliminate the current model where
the instructions say "do not copy files over what is already there"
causing a lot of grief on upgrades. Am I right?

On 5/15/05, Adrian Rossouw <adrian at bryght.com> wrote:
> K B wrote:
> >So, can I conclude that we never reached concensus on this change?
> >
> >I hope that Adrian's install takes care of this issue (having an
> >unchangable set of files for Drupal core in a single directory, and
> >all changed files in another).
> >
> >Adrian, any estimated time on when your installer would be ready? Is
> >this a 4.7 thing.
> >
> >
> It's definately a 4.7 thing. So it will be ready some time before 4.7 is
> released.
> Work on most of the components have been written already, and just need to
> be integrated with each other, and Drupal core.
> So the project might take anywhere from 1 month, to three months before
> it reaches completion (completion being the core requirements, ie: be
> able to install core through a wizard)

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