[drupal-devel] Admin Help writing instructions - 60 patches coming soon

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Tue May 17 08:16:14 UTC 2005

I believe that my suggestions about putting this
documentation into the database might help with some
of these issues.

     I imagine that the process would look something
like this -

     - help texts get written and refined by developers and
       members of the documentation team.  The working
       version of these documents in the drupal.org
       database would correspond to the CVS version of
       the code.

       Better versioning for nodes is a longer-term need,
       but in the meantime, the existing node versioning
       would work for 'head', and branching could be done
       by bulk-copying the nodes.

    - the script which generates the CVS tarball would
      grab the help-texts from the drupal.org database
      and dump them into the database.(my|postgre)sql
      file (or a separate dump file?)

    - I'd like to see translated help-texts available on-line at
      drupal.org also.  These would be written and versioned
      as for the English texts.  There would have to be a
      separate process for getting these translations into
      the .po files.

Actually, what I'd like to see is documentation on
docs.drupal.org - a separate server :)

I'm also intrigued by Kieran's idea of using xml-rpc
or some other method of having installed Drupal
sites update their documentation dynamically,
or load new translations dynamically.

      Regards, Djun

On 16 May 2005, at 7:40 PM, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> On Mon, 16 May 2005, Kieran Lal wrote:
>> Here are the writing instructions: http://dev.bryght.com/t/wiki/
>> AdminHelpWritingInstructions
> I had a quick read and found that you plan to maintain the longer
> doculemtation pieces on drupal.org. I am not opposed to this, but I'd
> like to know what your solutions are to
> a) translations
> b) different Drupal versions.
> a) Currently, translators can translate the docs for say Drupal 4.6 and
> be pretty sure that they won't change over this release cycle. With you
> change, the translation might be improved after the release - unless it
> is agreed not to do this as we do with the code.
> b) Different Drupal versions need different docs. How will you show
> users a set of docs for each version?
> Cheers,
> 	Gerhard
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