[drupal-devel] Admin Help writing instructions - 60 patches coming soon

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Tue May 17 08:29:56 UTC 2005

Op 16-mei-2005, om 22:21 heeft Kieran Lal het volgende geschreven:
> Here are the writing instructions: http://dev.bryght.com/t/wiki/ 
> AdminHelpWritingInstructions
> Here are the drafts: http://dev.bryght.com/t/wiki/ 
> DrupalAdminHelpDocumentation, http://dev.bryght.com/t/wiki/ 
> DrupalContribsAdminHelpDocumentation
> We are looking for experts to review to the admin help when we  
> think we have done enough drafts.  Please let me know if you would  
> be willing to review documentation to ensure it is accurate.
> Cheers,
> Kieran
Wow, you did an awesome job on this! I'll review the helptexts within  
a couple of hours, because I truly want to get this in asap..
What is not very clear to me is how you would like to link to the  
documentation on drupal.org. Would you like to use the 'more help'- 
link beneath the helptext itself to link to the extended helptext on  
drupal.org? I would really like to have some more information on  
this, while I don't want to rely on the availability of drupal.org a  

If you need any help producing patches, you can count on me! This is  
one of the most important changes to drupal documentatioin in ages!
Many, many thanks from you and your co-workers in the drupal  
documentation team..

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Nagtegaal

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