[drupal-devel] drupal.css, again (still)

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Wed May 18 23:17:22 UTC 2005

Bèr Kessels wrote:
> So, to get to a conclusion; I think we should *not* discuss whether or not 
> drupal.css must be there
This is a very sensible approach :)

> My first idea is, drupal.css must contain
> * No colours, nor background colours, unless they greatly enhance useability.
Well, black, white and shades of grey are colours too, but certainly keeping the 
colours neutral would be a good idea, I have grey calendar styles in box_grey 
theme that might be adapted for the archive calendar...

> *unless* a page will break without them.
I tried designing a theme without drupal.css and ended up putting most of 
drupal.css into my theme stylesheet, to a large extent I believe things will 
break if you just remove most borders, padding, floats etc as you describe.

Certainly there is some cleaning up that could be done but at the end of the day 
Drupal is a big complicated system and it's going to need big complicated 
stylesheets to theme it.

Everyone agrees drupal.css should be tidied up, I suspect the main reason there 
has been no progress on this since January is that no one found the time, I know 
that's been my problem, and remains so.

Another point is that drupal.css does not exist in isolation, it's styling xhtml 
that's output by Drupal, if drupal.css is crufty it probably reflects, in part, 
on a mish mash of approaches to markup that have evolved as Drupal developed.

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