[drupal-devel] drupal.css, again (still)

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Thu May 19 09:40:12 UTC 2005

Op 19-mei-2005, om 11:36 heeft Bèr Kessels het volgende geschreven:

> Op woensdag 18 mei 2005 23:51, schreef Adrian Simmons:
>> drupal.css isn't all that crufty and a hell of a lot of it is  
>> necessary.
>> I've pretty much moved camps and am now firmly in Steven's 'we need
>> drupal.css but lets clean it up' camp..
> I am in the same camp. Personally i always include drupal.css in my  
> style.css
> (copy pasting) to have a better overview. But we abolutely need it.
> but the reason i brought this up again, was not (really) to discuss  
> removal,
> nor some system to n include it. But to set up some rules about  
> what should
> be in it and what not.
> Regards,
>  Bèr
> -- 
>  [ Bèr Kessels | Drupal services www.webschuur.com ]

If nobody take this, I'll volunteer to have a look at the CSS which  
is inside drupal.css and remove everthing that is truly not needed..

Please make an issue for this on drupal.org, so we don't forget...


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