[drupal-devel] drupal.css, again (still)

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu May 19 20:25:19 UTC 2005

Thanks for the nice feedback. 
Most of your suggestions are already in the patch at 

Op donderdag 19 mei 2005 21:34, schreef Paul Byrne:
> Colours should be removed... the theme should specify these (see below
> [1]).

So, who will make such a file?

>    1. the amended, simple drupal.css;
>    2. the selected theme's css;
>    3. any module specific styles, somehow retrievable from:
>         - the module itself (via a hook?)
>         - or the [style|$module_name].css file in the module's directory.
> This dynamic CSS file would have to be heavily cached to avoid the
> overhead, I suppose. Am I off target?

I experimented with this. the main problem is caching. a non-dynamic 
stylesheet goes into the users cache and sits there fore a long time, 
reducing your BW. 
Dynamic CSS either needs unique names, thus on each pageload the user will 
download a new file (lots of overhead) Or the stylesheet will be dowloaded 
once, so that lots of clients do not know they actually needed to downloada 
new (chaged) one on certain pages.

As a sidenote: imagine book.module and event module on your site. 
When looking at /node both need no styles (unless a block is active). the 
modules can know that, and thus /could/ possibly add CSS more intelligently. 
i;e bvook.css only on /book/view and /node/view where type == book. 

But that too, is out of scope for now, IMO.

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