[drupal-devel] Yahoo Usability Pattern Drupal site developer needs help

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri May 20 02:50:56 UTC 2005

Hi, I made contact with the main developer for the Yahoo usability  
pattern Drupal site.   He is really busy and he wants to hire a good  
Drupal PHP developer, so if you are in  the Bay Area send me note and  
I'll pass on his email to you.

His modules are currently tightly coupled with their workflow and  
content so he's not sure they would be useful to others.  But I am  
sure if we got the right person in there, they could extract the  
modules to be more generic.  They also run a yahoo version of php  
called yphp and so he's not sure that his modules will work on  
regular php.  If people are interested in this, respond and maybe we  
can help get a more generic pattern library module out of it.


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