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Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri May 20 04:52:25 UTC 2005

On May 19, 2005, at 3:02 PM, Charlie Lowe wrote:

> Currently, it seems we have lots of interest in taking Drupal
> documentation in new and interesting directions.

Well, I was going to be nice and wait 24 hours so all our friends in  
Asia and Europe had a chance to respond.  But why not take the best  
jobs while I can ;-)

> Documentation teams for
> * Restructuring/reorganizing each of the new handbook sections as
> defined on the V2 page:
> http://drupal.org/handbook/v2

I am happy to run refined card sorts or further documentation surveys  
to help with this effort.

> For example, the About the handbook section. We need a couple of  
> people
> to be in charge of our authoring guidelines and best practices for
> creating Drupal handbook documentation.
> (Anisa spearheaded the style guide revision; perhaps we could coax her
> and one other person to handle the About the handbook section?)

Probably the number one thing on my list is helping to get 60+ module  
handbook pages going by working on that little section of the  
handbook guidelines.  Here's my campaign speech: I am open to  
suggestions, and I work like a dog if you just want tell me how to do  
it right.

> * Best practices for configuring and building Druapl sites
> (Roland has already volunteered for this one :) Is there another?)

I spend a lot of time building and tearing down sites so I'll be  
happy to edit or contribute my upgrading and navigation tutorials.  I  
have also done some videos for analysis in the past.  Sounds like we  
already have some leaders for this.

> * Initiatives for improving the collaborative book and other
> technological solutions to improve Drupal documentation usability,
> integration, and creation.

I'd be happy to help with block and navigation suggestions for  
information architecture.

> (Djun has already been working on this. Perhaps he'd like to be one of
> the team members. We'd only need one other volunteer then.)
> Putting people in charge of
> specific areas seems to me the best way for us to get the things we  
> want
> accomplished.

Woo-hoo! Let's get writing!

> Charlie
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